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Crested gecko egg incubation - super hatch vs vermiculite

There are probably many different opinions out there on which medium is the best for incubating eggs. I think it all boils down to which reptile eggs you want to incubate and if you need to use an actual incubator or not.

Let’s talk about crested gecko eggs today. When I was waiting for my first eggs several years ago, I saw a bag of super hatch at my local pet store. I grabbed that and was ready to go. It was a smaller bag, probably around 8 ounces and it cost over 10.00. I wasn’t thinking about cost back then. I had one pair of crested geckos and was breeding them as an educational project for my kids.

The super hatch worked well. I didn’t and still don’t have any major complaints about it. I continued to use it and buy it in bigger quantities over the next few years.

As I started meeting other breeders and watching more you tube, the word “vermiculite” kept coming up. I decided to try it.

I find no difference in the hatch rate. They are both great mediums. I had the same amount of failed hatches on both of them. Any breeder knows that failed hatches occur once in awhile, no matter how you slice it. I find the up side to using vermiculite is that it is cheaper and easy accessible at any garden center. Super hatch may be a little harder to find.

Have a great hatching season!

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