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Emergency evacuation plan

This blog post is inspired by a disaster that occurred in the reptile community last week.

The disaster really made me think about how many reptile owners have an evacuation plan in place. Whether you own one reptile, one hundred reptiles or more, an evacuation plan is absolutely necessary.

Each and every reptile you own should have its own ventilated bin. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A plastic shoe box bin with holes burned in it with a soldering iron will do. Preferably, the bins shouldn’t be too large, especially if you need to evacuate several animals. Keep the bins stacked in a place that is easily accessible to you or your family members because you may have to pack everyone up in a hurry.

A disaster doesn’t have to be fire or flood related for you to need to get your critters out of your house quickly. Think about power failures. We all have them. No heat in the winter and no A/C in the summer during heat waves could be deadly.

Lastly, make sure you have a place to bring your scaly kids while whatever disaster that has plagued you works out.

Stay safe!

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