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Intro to a certified herpetologist

I decided to create this blog to be able to help reptile and amphibian owners source proper care information. Many people tell me that there is conflicting care info all over the internet.

My goal is to be able to provide my readers with personal experience. This means species that I have bred or kept over the years. If someone reaches out to me about a species that I do not have personal experience with, I certainly can refer them to many amazing information sources. Trust me, I know which ones are good and not great.

I started breeding crested geckos in 2013. I had two young daughters in 2012 who wanted a reptile for their birthdays. I did some research and decided on a crested gecko. My decision was based on care requirements and character. We ended up buying two crested geckos so each kid could have their own. The geckos ended up being male and female. We started a small breeding project for educational purposes. We instantly fell in love with the experience. Our collection grew and so did our business.

We eventually expanded our breeding projects to include the following species -

Chahoua geckos

Gargoyle geckos

Chamaeleon geckos

Sarasinorum geckos

Leachianus geckos

Leopard geckos

African Fat Tail geckos

My education and experience -

2021 - Certificate of Herpetology (Careerline Courses)

2023 - Certificate of Husbandry and Captive Management (Amphibian Foundation)

2023 - Became a course instructor at the Amphibian Foundation

2024 - Became a Master Herpetologist at the Amphibian Foundation

Plus over 10 years experience in owing and breeding the above mentioned geckos.....

The world of herpetology is forever changing. Education is key to be able to keep up with all the new information out there. Never stop learning!

Want to learn more about the Amphibian Foundation?

Want to become a Master Herpetologist?

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