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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Ever since I started going BioActive for some of my terrariums, I seem to have a built in radar for plants.

Living in Canada (AKA The Great White North) makes it harder to source plants all year round. There is always very limited availability at Walmart or Canadian Tire but the selection is….meh….and the prices are a little high.

Guess what? The garden centres opened last week! I have been super excited about it. I visited most of the garden centres in my area and found some gems. Okay, they are just plants but to me, they are gems.

I found some Dracena at Canadian Tire for 4.00 each and they are huge! I stocked up.

Next, I headed over to Walmart and picked up 8 coleus plants at 3.00 each. I think I will pick up more this week.

And of course, I will head back over to Canadian Tire to pick up a few bags of top soil to make my own terrarium substrate. At around 4.00 per 25L bag, I can’t go wrong.

Once I bring plants home from a garden centre, there are a few steps I take to prep them before planting them in a bioactive terrarium.

  1. Trim any dead leaves off

  2. Rinse the heck out of the leaves to get rid of any hitch hikers

  3. Let it sit on a shelf to monitor health for about 4 weeks before planting

Let me know where your favourite garden center is so I can check it out!

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