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Why our starter kits look like this……

Our best selling item is our starter kit. It can house baby/juvenile crested geckos, as well as the rest of the New Caledonian family members excluding the leachie. They hatch out bigger than the rest.

Even if it’s our best seller, we still get many raised eyebrows and negative feedback about how it looks. I am going to explain why we designed it this way.

Your gecko is going to grow. They are going to outgrow the starter kit eventually, some sooner than later, depending on how often they eat and what you feed them. So, why would I sell you an expensive glass terrarium for a juvenile, when you are just going to have to upgrade them to an even bigger glass terrarium later on? Glass terrariums are not cheap.

If you choose to put a baby or juvie right in to a glass terrarium more suited for an adult, that’s your choice but there are a few points to think about.

  1. your small gecko needs to find their food. Leaving it in a few different places in their set up could work but you would need to closely monitor to see if they are eating.

  2. A smaller space is easier to check for poop. That’s the easiest way to see if they are eating.

  3. You might want to change the geckos location in your house to see where they are the most comfortable (no drafts, no direct sunlight, no stressful noise). Carrying a glass terrarium around is not that convenient.

So, is our starter kit just a plastic box with holes burned in to it? No, it’s much more than that. We have added products over the years to make it a grab and go temporary solution for our clients who purchase baby and juvenile geckos from us. We even included a spray bottle and three different flavours of food to give your gecko variety.

I hope this helps you choose the right set up for your little gecko. Happy shopping!

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