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This digital thermometer features a water-resistant sensor probe and an LCD screen with readouts in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Thanks to the remote sensor probe and digital LCD readout, you can accurately and quickly monitor the temperature of your terrarium with this ZOO MED Digital Terrarium Thermometer with Temperature Probe. The water-resistant sensor probe can be used in many different areas within a habitat for easy use in a variety of terrarium environments.
  • Gauges the temperature of your terrarium in Fahrenheit or Celsius (terrarium not included)
  • Digital LCD readout screen is easy to read
  • Water-resistant sensor probe can be placed in the substrate, wrapped around furniture or branches or taped to the side of a tank for multiple placement options
  • Senses and reads temperatures from -10° to 140° F
  • Warranty: 1 year
Place the probe where your animal cannot chew or entangle itself in the cable.

While the probe can be placed in water, the LCD readout must remain dry.

Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

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